Who We Are

The goal of the Smoke-Free North State program is to promote and protect a tobacco-free lifestyle for Butte and Yuba County residents. Currently, our program focuses are: 1) the ridiculously low priced tobacco products that keep low-income and youth addicted to tobacco products, 2) an upstream approach to tobacco control meaning the inclusion of tobacco control prevention and protection elements in general plans and other municipal codes; and 3) helping to support and empower the African American community to fight back against the tobacco industry’s targeting of marginalized communities.

Quick Facts

  • The 2018 California Healthy Kids Survey found that 5% of Oroville high school 11th graders and 25% of non-traditional high school students in Oroville are daily tobacco users including e-cigarettes and flavored cigars.
  • The nicotine solutions sold for use in electronic smoking devices are marketed in thousands of bright colors and “kid friendly” flavors, such as chocolate, bubblegum and Sourpatch Kids1.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Surgeon General report that flavored tobacco products – including menthol flavors – help new tobacco users establish habits that can lead to long-term addiction.

THANK YOU to our Advisory Board members representing:

  • Hmong Cultural Center of Butte County
  • African American Family & Cultural Center
  • Feather River Tribal Health
  • Oroville Residents and Concerned Citizens
  • Butte County Public Health Tobacco Education

The Smoke Free North State program is funded by the California Tobacco Control Program under grant no. 15-10227.