Maternal Wellness Coalition (MWC)


The Maternal Wellness Coalition (MWC) focuses its efforts on identifying service gaps through the pathways model of care. The MWC has stream-lined their resources for expecting moms and families to receive the best outcomes for moms, families and children. The Maternal Wellness Coalition partners with elected officials, law enforcement, medical facilities, school districts, and community organizations to collaborate on various medical and psychosocial determinants which impact individuals, children and families.

Pathways Model

Pathways is a model that connects individuals to community services that support care plans and produce positive health outcomes. The model focuses on prevention and early treatment. This model of care brings together the many agencies that are part of the MWC to reach those who are in need of services. Under this model, the MWC utilizes a Community Health Worker to deliver coordinated community care from multiple service providers.

Community Health Worker (CHW)

The role of the CHW is to establish and maintain connections within the community as a leader who facilitates change, while mitigating potential barriers to services. The CHW provides support, education and assistance for individuals; while acting as a liaison between health systems and the community. The CHW advocates on behalf of the community, to seek and promote positive health outcomes for individuals, children and families.

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