Who We Are

The Merced County Tobacco Control Program (MCTCP) serves in the capacity of the Local Lead Agency for tobacco prevention and control efforts in Merced County. With funding support from the California Department of Public Health – Tobacco Control Program, MCTCP is administered by the California Health Collaborative to implement a comprehensive tobacco control plan that includes the following objectives:

Objective 1: Advance efforts by incorporated cities in Merced County to adopt a policy that requires all tobacco retailers to obtain a tobacco retail license (TRL) with provisions that eliminate the sale and distribution of flavored tobacco products and earmarks a portion of the license fee for enforcement activities.

Objective 2: Facilitate the process for incorporated cities in Merced County to adopt a policy that eliminates the use of all tobacco products, including electronic smoking devices (ESDs), in outdoor venues such as parks, farmers markets, fairgrounds, and other recreational and public venues.

Objective 3: Establish a countywide Youth Advisory Board that facilitates the engagement of youth in the program’s tobacco control efforts.

Objective 4: Maintain a culturally diverse coalition of individuals and organizations serving the various priority populations and sectors of the county.

Program plan strategies were developed based on results of a community needs assessment and prioritization process and adhere to priority areas and guidelines set forth by the California Tobacco Control Program.

•  C.A.L.I Youth
•  Merced County ACCT Coalition
•  Community Outreach
•  Community Service Activities
•  Data Collection Activities
•  Educational Presentations
•  Media Campaigns
•  Model Tobacco Policies
•  Strategic Planning Sessions
•  Technical Assistance for Policies & Tobacco Related Issues

Merced County Tobacco Control Program funded by the California Department of Public Health. Funded under Contract #17-10006.