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The Merced County A Community Counteracting Tobacco (ACCT) Coalition is made up of more than 20 culturally diverse members representing various sectors of the community such as: education, business, law enforcement, media, community-based organizations, public health, behavioral health, faith-based organizations, community residents and elected officials.

The Coalition’s mission statement is to: “Empower Merced County residents to achieve a healthier lifestyle and tobacco-free environments”

  1. Serve as an advisory group to the California Health Collaborative – Merced County Tobacco Control Program (MCTCP)
  2. Provide community-level expertise on tobacco related issues
  3. Assist with the development, planning and implementation of the program’s multi-year comprehensive tobacco control plan
  4. Represent interests of priority populations in the county and offer guidance to the program that results in services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate


3.12.19 Meeting Agenda
6.11.19 Meeting Agenda
9.10.19 Meeting Agenda


3.12.19 Minutes
6.11.19 Minutes
9.10.19 Minutes

Additional Material

Continuing the Momentum Activity 9.10.19
Group Agreements – Notes 9.10.19

How to Become an ACCT Coalition Member

Interested in joining the ACCT Coalition? Please fill out the form below (or you can request a paper copy). If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Community Engagement Coordinator: Maria Galvan

ACCT Coalition Membership Form

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