Who We Are

The Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) is a statewide program available in over 30 sites in California. The California Health Collaborative’s MSSP is a non-profit, community-based program that provides case management services to frail and low-income seniors in Placer, Sacramento, Yolo, and Yuba Counties. MSSP strives to keep seniors safely at home for as long as possible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be 65 years of age or older
  • Receives Medi-Cal with eligible aid code
  • Is at risk of nursing home placement
  • Requires assistance with at least 3 activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and taking medications

Program Requirements

  • Must be amenable to case management
  • Must agree to monthly phone calls and quarterly home visits
  • This is a voluntary program, meaning the individual can terminate services at any time.

Referral/Enrollment Program

  • Anyone can make a referral by calling into the office at (916) 374-7739 or faxing to (916) 394-5295.
  • The referral will be screened for eligibility and the assigned Care Manager will make the initial contact to schedule enrollment home visit.

Services will only be provided to individuals who are currently enrolled in MSSP. All services are free of charge.

For Community Members - Online Trainings offered

  • Health Concerns and Culturally Appropriate Care
  • Fiber for Seniors
  • Fall Risks and Safety Tips
  • Incontinence Care and Resources
  • Accessing In-Home Supportive Services
  • Caregiving Tips
  • Educational Handouts

For MSSP Staff – Online Training Offered*

(*These are all recorded in a PowerPoint)

  1. Overview and Case Management Basics for MSSP
  2. Documentation Training
  3. Initial Assessment Training
    • a. Initial Psychosocial Assessment Training
    • b. Initial Health Assessment Training
  4. New Care Plan Development
  5. Reassessment Training
  6. Level of Care and Alternate Discipline Visits
  7. Basic Suicide Assessment
  8. Mandated Reporting
  9. Safety in the Field
  10. Communicable Diseases
  11. Schizophrenia