About Us

Message from the President / Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the California Health Collaborative Website.

The Collaborative created this website to share critical information and valuable resources about our vision, mission, programs and services operating in many diverse rural and urban communities throughout California.

The public health programs and services currently provided by the Collaborative represent strategic investments by our funders and our Board of Directors. Please review the specific web pages containing information and resources for our health promotion and disease prevention programs that are serving the needs of many communities and underserved populations.

We encourage you to review the programs and resources of our organization; join or follow us on one of our social media platforms; and participate with us in the building of a healthier California for all communities.

Stephen Ramirez, MPH
President / Chief Executive Officer

Changing Lives

Since 1982, the Collaborative has helped to improve the lives of Californians by providing a variety of programs and services.

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With offices throughout Southern, Central and Northern California, the Collaborative is uniquely positioned to provide programs on a fee-for-service basis to public, private, and non-profit organizations. These services include:

  • Grant and contract administration
  • Cancer case-finding and data collection
  • RN-provided case management/navigation support
  • Public health program planning and evaluation
  • Wellness programs
  • Family life education (meets CA Department of Education code- compliance)

The California Health Collaborative publishes annual reports available to the public for complete transparency and accountability of the organization.  To view our current Audited Financials and/or Form 990, see the links below.