Who We Are

The San Bernardino County Tobacco Control Program (SBCTCP) serves in the capacity of the Local Lead Agency for tobacco prevention and control efforts in San Bernardino County. With funding support from the California Department of Public Health – Tobacco Control Program, SBCTCP is administered by the California Health Collaborative to implement a comprehensive tobacco control plan designed to mitigate the impacts of tobacco in the county.


What We Do

Through community collaborations, youth engagement and the implementation of policy campaigns, SBCTCP aims to:

  1. Advance efforts by incorporated cities in San Bernardino County to adopt a policy that requires retailers to obtain a tobacco retail license (TRL) that regulates the sale and distribution of tobacco products, including flavored and electronic smoking devices (ESD);
  2. Facilitate the process for incorporated cities in San Bernardino County to adopt a policy that eliminates the use of all tobacco products, including ESDs, in licensed health care and/or assisted living facilities;
  3. Establish a Youth Advisory Board that facilitates the engagement of youth in the program’s tobacco control efforts;
  4. Mobilize community members and youth advocates to promote the adoption of tobacco-free policies in outdoor non-recreational areas of incorporated communities in the county; and
  5. Maintain a diverse community coalition that supports and guides the tobacco control efforts in the county.