Who We Are

The Hispanic Latino Coordinating Center (HLCC) is a program of the California Health Collaborative (CHC) in partnership with the University of Southern California (USC), funded by the California Department of Public Health- California Tobacco Control Program.

Our Mission

The mission of the HLCC is to improve the overall health of Latinos in California by reducing tobacco-related disparities through the adoption and implementation of policies and system changes via statewide collaboration and community empowerment.

Our Services

  • Foster collaboration and effective communication among HL regional projects in California.
  • Leverage resources and support systems to create statewide momentum on tobacco control efforts.
  • Develop a policy platform to facilitate the adoption and implementation of tobacco control strategies.
  • Coordinate a Latino statewide advisory committee to provide guidance and support on the planning and implementation of tobacco control strategies.
  • Build the capacity of Latino tobacco control advocates to accelerate the adoption, implantation of policy and system change campaigns.
  • Outreach to elected officials and policymakers on tobacco control issues and strategies.
  • Develop and tailor educational materials and resources.