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Compromiso Adelante

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Who We Are

Compromiso Adelante means “engagement ahead” and is a tobacco control program located in Stanislaus County. Stanislaus County is a small rural county located in the Central Valley of California. Like many rural central valley counties, the smoking rate in Stanislaus County is higher than the state rate, 15.5 vs 6.7 percent and tobacco-related diseases take a larger toll in Stanislaus County than elsewhere in the state. The Latino population accounts for 48 percent and is the largest ethnic group in the county. Statewide, adult smoking prevalence rates are somewhat lower among Latinos than among non-Hispanic Whites, however in Stanislaus County Latino’s have the highest smoking rate of all ethnic groups in the county.

Latinos are now the largest ethnic group in the state of California, so it’s not surprising that the tobacco industry invests heavily in marketing to California Latinos with their product brands and ad campaigns. The industry invests in Hispanic and Latino community and civic organizations, sponsors community activities such as Mexican rodeos and soccer tournaments, sponsors primary and secondary education programs, made large donations to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and has donated to many local Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. In these ways, the industry seeks to buy Latino support and influence and it is therefore imperative that efforts to end the tobacco epidemic center around engaging local Latino community organizations and non-traditional partners.

Funded by the California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program, Contract No. 22-11194

Our Goals


Partnerships: Building partnerships and engagement among Stanislaus County Latino-serving organizations and distributing community engagement funds to these organizations.

Tobacco Retail Licensing:

Tobacco Retail Licensing: Establishing tobacco retail licensing programs in the cities of Riverbank and Ceres with funding for enforcement of underage sales.

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