STAAND (Small Town Allies Against Nicotine Dependency)

Tobacco Prevention

STAAND (Small Town Allies Against Nicotine Dependency)

Who We Are

o STAAND is a tobacco prevention project working in the rural Gold-Country region of central-eastern California. Rural Californian communities have much higher rates of tobacco-use than the rest of the state. Young people in rural areas often become addicted to tobacco at a younger age. Tobacco users in rural areas tend to use the products more often, leading to higher rates of addiction and disease. And people in rural areas use smokeless tobacco products, like chew and pouches, at much higher rates. All of this leads to more chronic disease in communities where access to quality healthcare and quit services is also a challenge.

· Our Goals

1. Colleges: Establishing smoke, vape, and tobacco-free community colleges, fire training programs, and technical colleges

2. General Plans: Adopting tobacco-free and healthy community goals and policies into city and county general plan documents which provide a long-term vision for the community.

3. YAFT Coalition: Recruiting, training, and engaging young adults from rural Gold-Country communities to get involved in tobacco prevention, share their own stories related to tobacco and addiction, and advocate for tobacco-free and healthy communities where they live, learn, and work. Check out the YAFT Website here:

· Funded by the California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program, Contract No. 18-10122

· Contact

1. Katie Moose – Project Director

1. Call: 916.945.4160 2. Email:

2. Chelsey King – Program Coordinator

1. Call: 209.585.8517 2. Email:

3. Jose Montoya – Student Coordinator

1. Call: 916.628.5781 2. Email: