Regional Perinatal Programs of California (RPPC)

Who We Are

Program provides education, training, and technical assistance to birthing hospitals of the San Joaquin/Central Valley/Sierra Nevada Region, a nine-county area of California. The program promotes quality improvement activities to help hospitals enhance and strengthen their services to improve birth outcomes of mothers, babies, and families.

Program Goals

  • Assist the California Department of Public Health, Maternal and Child Health Branch (MCH) to ensure that pregnant women and newborns have access to appropriate levels of high-quality care
  • To provide for safe and effective treatment of women and their babies before, during and after delivery
  • To meet the needs of the infants at risk for neonatal complications
  • Reduce the incidence of maternal death due to obstetric complications

What We Do

  • Serve as facilitators in coordinating and supporting perinatal quality improvement within respective regions
  • Obtain and disseminate needs assessment and outcome data
  • Consult with individual facilities regarding perinatal programs and services
  • Collaborate with county and state maternal and child health departments, managed care plans, and other perinatal and professional groups and agencies on how best to meet the needs of the perinatal community
  • Develop methods, models and materials for use by perinatal providers
  • Create and support education programs to address the needs of high-risk mothers and infants in their regions
  • Represent their regions in regional and state task forces, and work with other perinatal regions and the state to respond to needs identified across the regions.

Contact Us

California Health Collaborative

1680 West Shaw Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711

Brandi Muro, MPH Senior Director of Programs Central San Joaquin Valley – Sierra Nevada Regional Perinatal Programs of California

Lupe Manzano Program Manager
Central San Joaquin Valley – Sierra Nevada Regional Perinatal Programs of California