RISE – Statewide Rural Coordinating Center

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RISE supports rural tobacco projects by leveraging resources, providing leadership training and opportunities, and offering educational materials specially designed to assist rural communities.

Rural communities are full of hardworking people who value strength and independence. Tobacco companies understand this, so they package and advertise their deadly products to play to values of self-reliance and resiliency with images such as cowboys, hunters and race car drivers.

Big Tobacco takes advantage of weaker tobacco licensing laws in rural communities–aggressively marketing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products, like chew.


(1) Create and disseminate a Rural Communities Policy Platform to policymakers, community champions, and key stakeholders

(2) Develop new tobacco control leaders from among California’s rural

(3) Build capacity within rural communities to engage in tobacco control policy advocacy through a series of Tobacco Control Learning Institutes

RISE’s Statement on White Privilege, Social Justice and Equity in Rural California


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Need help quitting?

The California Smokers’ Helpline (Kick It CA) offers free telephone counseling and materials to quit smoking, as well as free nicotine patches to eligible callers.

Kick It California | English: 1-800-300-8086 | Spanish: 1-800-600-8191

Resource Categories

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Educational Materials by RISE

Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California

TECC has a number of educational materials for rural populations available for free download.

Rural Tobacco Prevention Resources

Find information about rural communities and best practices to reduce and prevent the use of commercial tobacco.

Rural Community Success Stories

The Environment & Tobacco

Learn how commercial tobacco products, including cigarettes and vape devices, harm the environment through production, use, and improper disposal.

Tobacco Topic Areas

Find information about issues related to commercial tobacco use, including secondhand smoke, e-cigarettes/vaping, and more.

Big Tobacco’s Targeting

Learn about the tactics the tobacco industry uses to target rural communities and how this targeting has impacted rates of tobacco use.

Tobacco & the Retail Environment

Learn about the tactics used by the tobacco industry to make their products easier to purchase and policy options to counteract these tactics.

Media & Communications for Tobacco Prevention

Find resources on the best practices of creative effective messaging about tobacco use for rural communities.

Chewing Tobacco & Emerging Products

Find information about chew, cessation resources, as well as other emerging tobacco products.