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Leadership in Equity Action and Development (LEAD)

Who We Are

LEAD stands for Leadership in Equity Action and Development. The goal of the LEAD Program is to promote and protect a tobacco-free lifestyle for all Butte and Yuba County residents. We believe passionately in advocating for health equity and environmental justice for low-income people, and in communities of color.


1) Developing Upstream Approaches to Tobacco Control  By including tobacco control in general plans and other municipal codes, we protect communities from exposure to tobacco products and help to prevent poor health later in life. We believe limiting exposure to tobacco is an environmental justice issue.

2) Growing Community Advocates – We support and empower youth and young adults to become advocates for the health of their community and fight back against the tobacco industry’s intentional targeting of certain communities.

3) Resisting Targeted Price Promotions – The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars annually on targeted advertising. Low-priced products and coupons contribute to high smoking rates among people of color and low-income communities and make it easier for youth to become addicted.