Young Minds Kings County Logo a lightbulb with an icon of the brin inside it. To the right of the icon reads "Young Minds Mentes Jovenes Kings County"

Young Minds Kings County

Who We Are

Young Minds Kings County is a dynamic mental health prevention project of the California Health Collaborative, funded by Kings County Behavioral Health. Young Minds is designed to equip youth in grades (TK-12) with practical tools and self-regulation strategies to decrease stress and anxiety while boosting school performance. Since January 2022, Young Minds has been serving students and communities across Kings County with direct school-based services and family focused community events.

Through the implementation of evidence-based curricula and promising practice designed to support social-emotional development, coping skills, and mindfulness, Young Minds aims to achieve these key goals:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety among students
  • Decrease risk for school failure
  • Boost emotional self-regulation skills


Learn about our funder, Kings County Behavioral Health Youth and Families – KINGS COUNTY behavioral health (