Perinatal Wellness of Fresno County

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Who We Are

California Health Collaborative’s integrative perinatal wellness program (s) support birthing people, moms, dads and their families at risk of a mood disorder. In addition, the perinatal wellness program (s) partner with medical providers, hospitals and behavioral health providers to create a comprehensive plan of care which supports both the patient, family, and the provider.

1 in 5 mothers. 1 in 10 dads.
Experience perinatal depression or anxiety.

Perinatal Wellness of Fresno County

Perinatal Wellness of Fresno County

Perinatal Wellness was developed to work specifically with pregnant and post- partum birthing persons experiencing mood disorders and anxiety. Our staff consists of a Care Navigator, and Maternal Behavioral Health Professional who all work together with the birthing person and her family to develop a comprehensive care plan so that she can feel better and return to wellness. Perinatal Wellness focuses on combating social determinants of health: food insecurity, relationships, employment, access to medical and behavioral health care. Through weekly one-on-one in-person visits, the care coordinator will administer evidence based assessments and screening tools, provide health education, linkage to resources, and help with appointment tracking and goal setting.


In 2019, 1 in 10 babies (10.0% of live births) was born preterm in Fresno county. The rate of preterm birth in Fresno county is highest for black infants (13.9%), followed by American Indian/Alaska Natives (12.0%), Hispanics (9.5%), Asian/Pacific Islanders (9.0%) and whites (8.6%). Our perinatal program empowers women through awareness and education in hopes of reducing this disparity.


Our perinatal programs support both the family and provider(s) in understanding how to screen, address, and manage stress during pregnancy. Traumatic events that occur before or during a woman’s pregnancy may impact the development of her pregnancy, unborn child, and self. Our program uses a trauma informed approach that even applies to an infant in utero.


  • Counseling services
  • Case coordination
  • Collaborative community education and awareness
  • Linkage to local support groups
  • Maternal screenings in alternative and nontraditional setting
  • Family case management and planning


  • Pregnant or have had an infant within 12 months
  • Pregnancy loss within the last 12 months
  • Fresno County resident


Elizabeth C. Maldonado
Care Navigator
Phone: 559.801.1598
Fax: 559.244.4589

Perinatal Wellness of Fresno County Coalition

Schedule: Every 3rd Thursday of the Month
Contact: Alexandra Addo-Boateng

Community Network Building:

  • Support: providers, medical and behavioral health
  • Provider training: perinatal mood disorders and anxiety
  • Referrals: establishing a referral process within your practice
  • Increase local network

Alexandra Addo-Boateng
Director of Perinatal Services
Phone: 559.244.4581
Fax: 559.244.4589