San Joaquin County Sista Coach Program

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Who We Are

California Health Collaborative’s integrative perinatal wellness program (s) support birthing people, moms, dads and their families at risk of a mood disorder. In addition, the perinatal wellness program (s) partner with medical providers, hospitals and behavioral health providers to create a comprehensive plan of care which supports both the patient, family, and the provider.

1 in 5 mothers. 1 in 10 dads.
Experience perinatal depression or anxiety.

San Joaquin County Sista Coach Program

The Sista Coach Program is a case management program funded by San Joaquin County Public Health for Black/African American pregnant and birthing people or has an infant 0-3 months.

Each program participant works with their very own personal support advocate ( a Sista Coach) who will administer evidence-based assessments and screening tools and provide individualized support accordingly. This can include 1-on-1 meetings, going to doctor visits, and providing baby items. The participant will also receive access to a monthly support group.


  • Identify as Black or African American
  • San Joaquin County resident
  • Pregnant or have an infant ages 0-3 months


The infant mortality rate for the African American community is currently at a rate of 11 deaths per 1,000 births and the fetal mortality rate is 14.9 deaths per 1,000 live births; more than twice the rate for white infants. (San Joaquin County 2019-2022 Community Health Needs Assessment)